Since the very first sketch, our mission has been to create ethical and sustainable designs that nurture the planet and promote confidence. 97 Swim works closely with local artisans in Bali to ensure our brand is continuously pushing boundaries when it comes to repurposing fabrics, minimising waste and using manufacturing processes that aren’t harmful to the earth. Through constant research and learning, 97 Swim aims to avoid harmful industry production practices. Our approach is self-fulfilling. We are committed to making a positive impact on the world by having as little impact as possible.

The fabrics used to create each unique piece in our collection are carefully sourced to ensure we are placing high quality materials next to your skin. These fabrics include ECONYL® regenerated nylon made with waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth and REPREVE® Unifi. Fabrics that are unused by 97 Swim are donated to charities where they are repurposed for retail, injecting money and locally made goods back into the Indonesian economy.

97 Swim has proudly partnered with two companies that help in the process of regenerating and recycling materials.

® regenerated nylon

ECONYL® regenerated nylon is just what it sounds like; nylon waste transformed into new nylon. It can be completely recreated, producing fabric that not only avoids the excessive use of materials but does so with a purpose. ECONYL® regenerated nylon promotes a circular future and its capacity to be recycled is limitless.

® Unifi, Inc.

REPREVE® Unifi, Inc.turn plastic water bottles into recycled fibre. Some of the highest performing athleisure brands incorporate REPREVE® into their collections. 97 Swim is proud to be another brand who is playing a part in recycling the millions of plastic water bottles used each year.


Sustainability doesn’t stop at the composition of our swimwear which is why every 97 Swim is sent in biodegradable garment packaging. This means that once you open your order, your garment packaging can be put straight in the recycling bin or better yet, straight into the compost. Through the inclusion of biodegradable garment packaging, 97 Swim is helping to reduce the 3 million tons of single use packaging that wound up in landfill last year in Australia.


97 Swim avoids the use of single use plastics wherever possible. All domestic and international orders are delivered using mailbags that can be recycled or composted. And once your swimwear leaves our manufacturing location, we remain invested in supporting the circular fashion industry. The shipment of swimwear from our door to yours is facilitated by Australia Post and DHL EXPRESS, with their carbon neutral delivery option.

While we know there’s still a long way to go, 97 Swim will continue to campaign for the earth’s future through ethical and sustainable swimwear.