We invest heavily in manufacturing processes that ensure longevity in your swimsuit but it’s also up to you to give it the TLC it deserves at home. If well looked after, your swimsuit should last you a few summers!

While wearing your swimsuit, we recommend the following:

• Avoid contact with rough services as this may cause pulling to your swimwear
• Be careful if wearing your swimsuit in a spa
• Large amounts of chlorine are not good for your swimsuit so wash immediately after spending long periods of time in a chlorine pool

To ensure your swimsuit has the longest life possible, we recommend the following when washing your swimsuit:

• Hand wash with fresh cold water immediately after wear. Do not leave your swimsuit rolled up wet
• Do not machine wash with chemical detergents. If you use a detergent, we recommend a gentle detergent with no moisturisers
• Sun and tanning creams can damage and discolour swimwear, so apply with caution if you plan to wear your 97 swimsuit after using these products
• Do not iron or dry clean your swimsuit. Hang it up to drip-dry in the shade

To ensure correct treatment always refer to the individual care label on your swimsuit.